Daft, irreverent and different, NOTSENSIBLES recorded 4 singles, an album and a Peel session then almost disappeared. After the first edition of the album sold out, they re-mixed it, recorded a couple of different tracks and re-issued it with its iconic cover drawn by Boff Whalley - thousands of tiny little stick figures. The first issues is rare and has more daft bits on it. Their second single, I'm in Love with Margaret Thatcher, a throwaway three chord pisstake, did well. It did even better when Margaret Thatcher died because someone tried to get 'Ding dong The Witch is Dead to number one'. The fucktard Tories desperately looked round for a song to compete with it and they chose Notsensibles' single - Ha. It got in the charts. Guitarist Stephen Hartley wrote a book - PAINTING SNAILS with lots of NOTSENSIBLES anecdotes.

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