welcome to NOTSENSIBLES' website. The site is fairly new and still under development. We now have DIGITAL DOWNLOADS for I'm in Love with Margaret Thatcher with more downloads available soon.

We have a picture carousel with more pics being added regularly. There are also plans for a discography and the full story of the unlikeliest of cult punk bands.

Notsensibles underpants, knickers, cups, badges and more teeshirts are also on the cards.

There's lots of interest in the lesser known 1st version of the INSTANT CLASSIC album and we're planning to re-release it first digitally & on CD then hopefully on vinyl if there's enough interest. (lots more silly bits than second better known version, a couple of different tracks and mixed differently.)

If you would like to use any of our material then please get in touch about licensing agreements.

If you use our stuff in any shape or form without our permission, we will come after you.